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SBLT - A New Beginning - "Starting Strong"

We'll start with where it all ended. This image, this is the image of my last moments with this game. Ten hours of play culminating into a bug that is not fixable. I spent two hours trying to find something to make the game move forward; however, there was nothing to be found. After some searching on the internet I found that this a known issue, and their only resolution? They will send you a save file with the item you needed to find in it. Sigh - starting strong with my SBLT right? Well none the less, on with the show!

The world in ruins, we have destroyed ourselves, the planet is on its last legs. But there's hope, with the blue-green algae providing near limitless power we could go back in time and save the world by showing them what happened. So you were chosen to be apart of the team to go back in time, to save it all.


What an intro right!? The story sounded so good! And as far as I could tell it delivered on that end, for awhile. The idea was solid, you learned about our future with Climate change and what it would do to us. But enevitably I really felt as though this began to be a crusade for the environment, don't get me wrong I LOVE sustainability; in fact I'm looking to do that for a career, but wow does it slam the environment stuff home alot.

A New Beginning is a point n' click adventure straight out of the 90's! You proceed through the story solving puzzles and issues with items in your inventory. Put stuff together, find out what needs to be opened, and talk to EVERYONE! I love these games, in fact you will see a lot of them through the SBLT


The story - As much of a soap box this is. The idea in process is pretty good. You play as a the man who created the algae, and as a member of the team sent back in time to stop the terrible future from happening.


The art - It's fun - and the sets are well put together. And really I just like the art! Here are some screenshots for you to enjoy!


The Mixed:

The dialog - Yeah, sometimes this was painful. I could tell the members of the team who wrote the dialog did not speak English as their first language. Or at least the translation is a little rough sometimes.


The puzzles - Some were really interesting, some were not. Some of the "put this and that together" flowed really well. Some didn't.

The soap box - Again like I said I'm not against the story being about saving the world, but MAN do they really push that point home. I get it I'm a terrible person for driving a car, and carbon emissions are bad mmkay?



The bad:

The bad? The fact that I can't even finish the game! THAT'S WHAT! I mean really? I was getting into the darn thing and now I'll never know.


The cutscenes - No, the cutscenes themselves with their comic book feel was actually pretty cool way of doing them. It was the fact that they didn't use the settings for sound that the rest of the game did. I had everything nice and low so that my eardrums wouldn't bleed. But WHAM! Cutscene - ear bleeding. That's just poor design.

So would TmfP recommend it? Sure! And hopefully you won't have the same issue I did. Right now on steam it's only $2.49! Definitely the price I would pay for that.


So that's the first SBLT. Cut a little short because of technical difficulties! But it was fun, and it's a Christmas present for TAY!

Next on the docket? Age of Empires III! See ya soon!

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