I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Don’t you just love Business Press Releases? What you don’t? Why... they’re always chock full of some really nice information like how corporations are doing, potential new games, what they’re focusing on, and oh ya release dates. Well according to Activison Blizzards new Quarterly Release the standalone (you wont need to buy the last two games) release and conclusion to Blizzards epic Starcraft II series will see a release date sometime in 2015. For fans of the series such as myself this is huge news as the game has grown kinda stale. Until then one can play the Public Beta or the Pre-release single player “Whispers of Oblivion”.


Furthermore at Gamescom in Germany Blizzard announced a new cooperative mode “Allied Commander” for the game. What sounds like a cooperative single player missions Blizzard says would be impossible alone. This of course goes along with the impressive and fun (I’ve been to pro-tournaments and played its a blast) Archon Mode (Terran so OP though).

Further of interest Activision-Blizzards non-MMO/RTS offerings of Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Destiny combined have over 70,000,000 active players. A damn impressive total even for this giant publisher/developer team.

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