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Scattered Feelings on the Officially Sanctioned Street Fighter Character Popularity Poll

So this was something had been conducted in October and November of last year, and had its results released all the way back in January. That all completely passed me by; I’ve only just realized its existence extremely recently. This is still as good of a time as any to take stock of popular opinion and be opinionated over it!

Sakura is Number One?? Well, that’s not completely surprising. No way I can be mad over that either, though. In fact, you might say that I believe the court of collective opinion may have gotten it fairly close to right. Sakura does indeed rule, both to play (she’s the best shotokan don’t @ me) and as a character, and she’s only gotten even better the more she shows up. I was elated when she finally got her spot in a proper numbered Street Fighter, and it’s about goddamn time Capcom finally freed her from her one-in-the-schoolgirl-uniform role with SFV.


What DOES genuinely surprise me, on the other hand, is the Number Two character. Makoto??? Really?!! Not that I’m complaining; I’m extremely happy to see that she got her due. I just never thought that people knew and cared that much about her to catapult her to Most Popular SFIII Character, let alone be that damn high as a whole.

I don’t know all that much about Juri—plus my first experience with a crane fighting stance fighting woman was Li Mei way back in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance—and by extension don’t quite care. But hey, I’m not about ruining anyone’s good fun, if she drives the fans crazy, then good for them!

That said...Q?? Q??? Grunting creeper dude with a metal mask and a big-ass trenchcoat Q?!! As the Number FOUR most popular Street Fighter character??!!! He beat out *checks next several slots* Cody, CHUN LI, Sagat, and AKUMA?? We’re supposed to believe he’s more popular than ALL of them?! Are you sure we’re not being punked?


Anyway, not that I have much history with him, but Cody’s aight, though I dunno about Number Five levels of aight. Chun Li is boss, not much else to add except that I’d have thought she’d end up a bit higher. I’ve not been as crazy on Sagat as others are, but I can’t deny that he’s still cool. Akuma is the third best shotokan—Ryu and Sakura being his superiors—so I’d have personally put him down a few pegs.

Plenty of people above him could probably stand to be a bit lower, but I suppose Ryu himself is just about where he ought to be in the rankings. He’s been remarkably good, especially considering his stature as one of the basic bread-and-butter main character types of the Street Fighter series. Kudos is due for his be-the-best serious attitude being interesting when it could have just as easily ended up boring.


Then there’s Blanka. Rock on, my dude.

Heading beyond the top ten, I’m surprised Cammy isn’t higher. Number Eleven is still pretty damn high, though. Ken is right where he ought to be: Fourth among the shotokans. Evil Ryu is waaaay too high. It makes perfect sense that Skullomania is seemingly the most popular of the EX characters, and that he’d make it as high as the top twenty; no complaints there, as he’s one of the best that spin-off has.


I happen to like Karin a lot, so I’m happy to see everyone put her in the top twenty! For someone who had only been in Alpha 3 until SFV, that’s not too bad. I’m honestly shocked about Zangief and especially Guile; I’d have thought they would be higher, and probably deserved to be higher at that. Especially above Oro of all people, wtf everyone.

SFV characters in general are ranked maybe a bit lower than they deserve. The likes of Rashid and Laura are pretty cool, despite being significantly newer to the scene. And people apparently don’t appreciate Doctrine Dark nearly as much as they should. :c

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