I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The other school that I attend is having a photography contest and my submission was accepted (the only image in this post). Votes account for 25% of the final score and I could use your help.


The first place winner will receive a $2,000.00 scholarship and the second place winner receives a $1000.00 scholarship. I could really use the money so that I could build a new computer. I’m a computer science major and my laptop is about to give out completely.

I took the photo using a 35mm camera with a fish eye lens. I placed a two way mirror inside of my car, placing the camera behind it. I rigged up a motion activation system so that the camera takes photos any time motion is detected by the secondary camera. 117 rolls of film were used and it took me about a week to develop all of the photos and sift through them. I used black and white film because the photos would be more clear from behind the mirror.


The whole point was to take photos of people looking at themselves in the mirror in an attempt to find out what they really think of themselves.

Anyway, I would really appreciate the support. Thank you!

Vote here:


You will probably have to Ctrl + F to find me on the list. My name is Alexander Fisk. The guy on the left in the photo is actually me!

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