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Science and Sorcery: Game Development prt.1

For the better part of the year I've been working with my friend Drake doing the character designs for his game, Science and Sorcery, a PC-based strategy RPG that he's been developing for some time. For a while I had to keep things under wraps until he incorporated certain features in his game, but now that more work has been done, I can show off the work I've been doing.

Science and Sorcery is about saving multiple plains of reality from a common threat, a race a plague-like beasts called Lycanthropes. As such, I've been doing character designs ranging from cat-girls to military commandos. This character is Kurias, a former scholar transformed into the hell-beast the characters are fighting to destroy.


His development is amongst the most interesting, so that's why I'm featuring him.

1) For the description, I was given the original, in-game sprite Drake developed and a description of a reptile/mammal mixed with the terminator. Thus this was my original design.

2) Drake liked the bulk and the gun, but he wanted something sleeker for both the character's prostheses as well as the overall design. So I thought old-school, really old-school. For my next set of designs I was inspired by the pre-mammalian reptiles of the Triassic age.


3) While things were improving, and the hardware was approved, I still wasn't getting the proportions right, so Drake sent me a cheat-sheet of what he had in mind

4) With a better idea of what I was getting myself in for, I finally created the final, approved design.


5) With the design done I next did the actual in-game sprite. The sprites in Science and Sorcery have two modes described as benevolent and malevolent. Kurias was tricky to fit within the game's constraints because of his shape and proportions. I actually had to email Drake a few times just to get approved what would be cropped in the final design.

6) Boom. Finished in-game sprite. While Kurias was one of the most tricky I've had to deal with so far, he's also become one of my favorite designs.


If you want to learn more about Science and Sorcery and play a Beta, check out Drake's deviant art page to get more details. I'll announce when the game is entirely finished, so keep watching out for it.

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