There’s a new vehicle builder in town. Scrap Mechanic is a creative sandbox for realizing unique vehicles, peculiar structures, and... rotating boots. Yes, when given limitless possibilities the best I could muster was to make an electrically powered, rotating boot. Don’t judge, that’s how I roll. This game is the perfect example of the easy to play, hard to master conceit. You can hop in and make a vehicle that really excels at crashing and flipping very quickly.

And in my defense, the rotating boot was just to demonstrate some of the mechanics and how easily they can be applied to things in the game. It’s as simple as placing a bearing on a structure (to allow rotation), adding an engine, and then linking the bearing to the engine and to a switch and BAM, rotating boot on a wall. The possibilities of what you can make are really quite impressive. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of this quaint little game.


I started to fiddle around with thrusters and combining them with sensors. That actually makes a somewhat decent auto-hovering... thing. The sensors have a short range so when they are triggered near the ground it activates the thrusters and you end up with this hilarious gyrating platform that’s fighting to stay level (on it’s own!). I can see myself losing many hours to this game. It’s launching on Early Access and it’ll get a lot more content down the line but honestly, just tinkering in the creative mode is enough to keep me entertained for a very long while.