I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

In the mid-90s Lifetime released a film starring Jenna von Oy titled “Dying to Belong.” Based on the pervasive paranoia regarding the dangerous world of universities the film involved not only the very real issue of hazing but also the rampant college murder problem. It was amazing.

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Scream Queens, Ryan Murphy blah blah blah, hits me in some of the same brain parts. A mix of horror cliche’s and cringe surrounded the first episodes, the pilot and “Hell Week”, but also a very dark sense of humor that comes from a very real/dumb place. Very campy and tongue in cheek but still a great view.


Synopsis: Sorority, university, killer, Jamie Lee Curtis, farce. Emma Roberts, Hotel for Dogs/Drake & Josh, plays Chanel-a girl trying to run a sorority or something. Mostly she just says really mean stuff all the time. I realized the show was great when she accidentally submerged a woman’s face in a deep-fryer. Also there’s a scene where a girl tweets her death. It’s funny cause it’s topical, cause teenagers use twitter too much.

The show mixes the perverse joys of watching a fantasy version of college life with the general fantasy of horror. It’s actually a really enjoyable mix. Like the scene where Niecy Nash walks in on all the girls running up the stairs because of a death scream and says “you need to walk out this door and leave” and the girls go “no we need to run up the stairs.” So there is a real genre awareness that floats around the whole thing.

Come for the horror elements but stay because the show is able to somehow find just the right spot between being self aware and losing itself in that. While this show doesn’t really hit the perfect mix of Jenna von Oy Lifetime original movie it is written with the point of view that those movies were amazing and crouches it’s subconscious horror fear in that mind. Only in a modern way, with twitter and playlists.

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