I'm really feeling it!

You guys might remember my rather surprising announcement to start a crowdfunding campaign for my game in order to pay the artist. When you thought that this was a typical example of someone trying to rush the completion of a game project, regardless of the cost and consequences, then you're right.

Back then, I was desperate to make the game perfect right from the start. Everything I use in the game is royalty-free, so with the help of an artist I could've made a game I could sell and looks original.


Let's forget for a minute that this is my first game ever, whether it be free or commercial. I had experiences with other stuff before, but I never saw a game done to completion. Let's also forget about the fact that I don't even have a Paypal account, so I would've needed to create one before paying the artist anything at all.
My biggest problem here is that I want to create a commercial game so damn badly. The success of all the Indie games on Steam and overall, and especially the release of To The Moon, gave me hope that I can indeed make a game without much programing skills by using RPG Maker.

But I still have no track record, no team and not much money to spend. No to mention that my chances of standing out on Steam Greenlight are like playing Russian Roulette.
I was getting blind, just like everyone else who wants to join the Indie Boom.
None of this will end well, I realized that at the last minute. I'm not ready to join the big guys just yet.

So I made the decision to release A Journey Too Kind for free once it's complete.

It's not like I'm crazy broke and I need some cash really quick, far from it. But I'm at a point in my life where I have to decide what sort of career I want to pursue. Do I go for my dream, or another job? I need some sort of indication that I can be successful with video games, otherwise I need to make a change of plans.
Before you ask: I'm looking into opportunities into both directions, but I can't do both, so I need to priorities one of them eventually.


So here's the deal: I'll finish the game and just use whatever I can find on the Internet. I'll try to make a game that will feel and play good, but due to me using graphics and whatnot from other games it is not suitable for selling. But I'll be able to finish it, and it'll still be awesome.
Once A Journey Too Kind is complete and I've proven to be a capable man, THEN we'll talk about making games for a living.

Deal? Good, let's get started then. I should be able to finish the game before the end of the year, but it'll still take some time. Until then, here's some Scatman:

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