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Wrong. When you buy a game for the 3DS there is a certain expectation that the game is going to be in 3D. That was certainly my expectation Thursday when I sat all day through a long work day with my mouth watering at the thought I was going to buy this game. When I got off work, I hustled down to my local GameStop, and when it wasn't on the shelf, I begged the clerk to find me a copy, which luckily she did.

Caveat: I've never played Scribblenauts before, but I have always wanted to, so putting the entire catalog of DC comics characters into the game gave me the perfect opportunity. I quavered at the thought that I had in my hands a video game containing every DC comic character ever. I couldn't wait to get home and get the cartridge into my hungry 3DS. When I finally booted the game up, IT WAS AWESOME. Actually, the 3D intro was awesome. And the 3D menu was awesome. And the 3D game was... wtf? The game's not in 3D. It is all in 2D on the bottom touchscreen. And what little was on the top screen wasn't even in 3D either. What. The. Hell? I spent an hour trying to find the menu option that switched the game to the 3D top screen. I couldn't find it. I inquired on Twitter, Kotaku, and 3DSforums.com. No one knew or cared enough to reply.


"BUT it's got to be in 3D" I said to myself. It says so right there on the cover: "Playable in 2D and 3D. 3D mode for ages 7+" Having an intro movie and start menu in 3D isn't the same thing being playable in 3D. Why would they publish a game on the 3DS and not make it 3D? That's kind of bullshit right? Did I get a bad copy? Playing tiny characters on that tiny bottom screen was eye-straining. You only need the stylus to type words. They could have used the shoulder buttons to cycle through each selectable item on the screen.

Less than 24 Hours later I was back at GameStop. I showed the clerk the game and even let him play it. He was also completely gobsmacked that this 3DS game wasn't playable in 3D. He gave me a full refund which I used as a deposit for Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I told him not to resell it but to send it back to the publisher with the message that their game was a BS lie.

I wanted to play this game so bad. So many things I wanted to do, still want to do. I'm sure it is awesome on a large screen system playing on the WiiU, but on the Nintendo 3DS it is an unplayable lie. A damn dirty lie. Avoid it at all costs. And that is a real shame because it had Batman in it.

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