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Script For New Katawa Shoujo Path Released By Lilly's Scenario Writer

The script for a new character path was released for Katawa Shoujo. This path, titled Summer's Clover, focuses on Miki Miura, another member of the Track and Field team. It comes to us by way of Suriko, who was also the Writer on Lilly's path and Co-Writer on Hanako's path.


For the unaware, Katawa Shoujo is a much beloved freeware visual novel that received accolades for its general good writing and the noteworthy handling of its controversial premise. It drops you in the shoes of Hisao, a guy who falls prey to arrhythmia who then attends a "school" for the disabled. If you'd like to learn more about the history and inspiration behind the game, Kotaku wrote an informative article on its unusual inception.

Unlike the game itself, this scenario is written from Miki's point of view instead of Hisao. It starts, as is with the game, with a common path that later leads into a Suzu or Hisao branch.


People may be disappointed to find out that this isn't actually DLC for the game. Basically, it amounts to fan fiction but given that this is from someone who wrote Lilly's path and co-wrote Hanako's this is bound to be good. Also, we get new music and Katawa Shoujo's music was good!

For more on Katawa Shoujo, you can head on over to my review, Kotaku's review, or their excellent piece on its inception.


Source and DL link: Summer's Clover (Miki Path) [Katawa Shoujo Forums]

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