I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Secret Santa 2014: The Great Gift Reveal

Ho ho ho! Why it seems as though Santa has come once again and delivered toys to all the good (ish) boys and girls of TAY.


The day of gift revealing is upon us once more. I hereby give ye permission to tear apart that box that's been sitting under your tree/on top of your fridge for the last few days. Here's what you should do after you revel in your new found items.

  1. Describe what you got in a comment below!
  2. Add in a picture for extra detail (if possible).
  3. State/Guess who your Secret Santa was.
  4. Comment on other people's gifts and admire how cool they are.

Those of you who have not received gifts yet: Please let me know ASAP (email me at ben@classrealm.com) and I will contact your Santa to break their legs see what the hold up is.


Need some festive and yet nerdy music to put you in the right mood while you post or browse? I got you covered.

Thanks to anyone who participated this year. We had more folks sign up than last year and it was quite a task getting everyone set up. A big shout out to Zarnyx (or whatever she goes by now) for helping me organize the chaos. Merry TAYmas to all.

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