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Secret Santa Sign-Ups Are Over, But Gravy Results Are In

Well TAY folks, the sign-ups for Secret Santa 2015 have come to a close. By the end of the weekend you should be assigned to me, so I get all the presents a fellow TAYer. While you wait with bated breath you can peep the results of this year’s silly bonus survey question.

Said question was if people liked gravy on their mashed potatoes. Here’s a pie chart to break down the votes.


Seems a whopping 40.5% of Secret Santa TAY users prefer gravy on their tators all the time, while 27% do not and 18.9% do sometimes. A final 13.5% of those who answered were suspicious as to why I would even ask as such a thing (and rightly so). What a bunch of paranoid potato consumers.

Be on the lookout for an email from Zarnyx or myself with the information on your Secret Santa if you signed up. And if you didn’t sign up you should tell me about your gravy preferences in the comments.

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