I'm really feeling it!

So with all this, I realized that I never talked about my wonderful Secret Santa gifts I received. And realized what horse poop that was of me! I don't know if my original post was Kinja'd or if I never paid attention because I'm a douche. But I got SECRET SANTA GOODNESS and it was super fun times! It was a smidge late because weather is a bia, not THIS late; no I'm a jerkface. Because it was awesome!!!!

The sweet haul!


Mrs. Pickles was super stoked about this one! When I cook from it I'll do a SnaTAYku about it !! =D

And the wonderful conclusion - I have been playing this so hard right now! Winning so many court cases like a boss.

So thank you KCET for this bossness. I shall win the court cases for you!

And looking forward to cooking delicious Japanese treats! =D

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