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A Blind Legend is an audio game about being a blind swordsman. You are guided through the world by your daughter, Louise. It’s a very unique experience. You move yourself through the 3D environment based on audio clues. If you are stuck you can have Louise give you directions, “More to the Left, that’s it! Now straight ahead!”


Clearly you are going to need a good headset for this. The directional audio is VERY impressive.

You aren’t going to be moving for combat. Once your sword is drawn you are waiting to hear from which direction your opponent is coming from. It’s very tense and thrilling as you stand still and listen, waiting for your assailant to attack.

My only gripe is the awful tutorial voice, it sounds like a bad text to speech bot. The voice acting in the game though feels solid. It is budget priced so I’m not demanding perfection. It’s out now on Steam. I just hope we get a patch with better graphics and resolution options. /s

I played through a bit... wearing a Cookie Monster hat. Idk, don’t judge.

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