I'm really feeling it!

See you Star Side, Guardians.

I found myself staring down the monstrous Servitor, Sepiks Prime, with my fellow guardians. Wary and beaten after the onslaught of the Hive, the fire fights with Fallen, the barrage of artillery from the Devil Walker, we finally found ourselves in the heart of the Devil's Lair. We knew the fight wouldn't be easy, nor would it be short, but one thing was certain: we had each other, and would be there to the bitter end.

Comrades, friends, brethren... This is what we Guardians are. Not separated by race, gender, creed, or specie. We have the sole duty to rid the galaxy of its enemies, and to protect those who can not. We take up our weapons and protect the Traveler, and the finally sanctity of the Tower, so that we can continue living.


Like most of you, I have spent entirely way too much time playing the beta for Destiny. Although it hasn't changed much since the alpha build, I still become engrossed and obsessed with the world. The strikes, the crucible, hunting down the relics of dead Ghost's, I continue through the world that I have combed through dozens of times before, hoping to stumble on something new. One thing I have noticed this time around is the need for team work, and how carelessness can lead to death.

I am not a big multiplayer fan, and honestly would only play with people I personally know, but Destiny is one of the few games where I enjoy playing with others online. I find it exciting to join a fire team of 2 other players for Strikes, and see how they want to work together to take down the foes in front of us. Some fail to hold their ground, and other succeed with little problem. Some will actually plan out their attacks, lay down cover fire for those in need, and risk their hides to bring you back from the dead. Others, well, will run around and take bullets as they scream like confused children.

Now that we have a little breather in the beta, I was wondering what your favorite moments in have been? Was it an incredible run in the Crucible, or maybe taking out one of the hidden high leveled enemies? Tell your tales, Guardians.

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