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OK, here’s the second illustration of the week to catch up to what’s been posted on the YouTube Channel! A few weeks back, Agent Carter returned to TV with a season 2, so to commemorate, I drew...Agent Carter! Yeah!!!

Peggy is badass and gets to exist in a very interesting world on cinema/TV. I’ve always found the time period to be quite pleasing visually, not counting all the other horrible nature of the times underneath the surface of course. As such, I wanted to go a bit old-timey for the portrait. As you know, I’ve been pushing shapes and form of my subjects and so for Peggy I wanted to continue things but hold back on the angular cuts.

Painting Time: 1H 58M


Instead, I opted for a more curvier approach for Peggy. The imbalance between sharp strong lines and sweeping edges helps make features like the neck pop out, which gives her a very dignified look. I found when working on this piece, I naturally found the shapes which I guess is my experience coming to pay me back for all these years of experimentation!

In terms of the likeness, I think I did capture Haley Atwell’s face in a pseudo caricatured way. I definitely want to approach more portraits like this, and I guess it depends on the reference I have available. With characters who don’t rely on the likeness of the actor to be recognizable (Kylo Ren, Skull Kid, Iron Man), I can play around with their tangible appearances and still have them recognizable.

Watch the process here:

With characters like Peggy who is made popular by a specific actor, it becomes more of my own personal mission to make sure the likeness is captured. I definitely need to get more consistent on how I portray the characters, but I guess like the Pokemon One a Day series, I push out each new SeeBonnyDraw illustration as its own piece depending on my mood and vision for the work.


The portrait itself took a lot of reconstructing but I made sure to stick with the key features - the trick is to simply lay out the fundamental in your face traits that make the actor who they are - and emphasize those parts. In this case, Ms. Atwell has a strong jaw, commanding eyes, full lips. Speaking of which, everything was painted tonally and only at the end did I think to spruce it up with the bright red. From there, I threw in a splash of yellow to really make things pop against the blue and the 3 primary colors ended up complimenting each other very well. Woohoo!


So there you go! Another piece down! So far, so good with my scheduling of this series, at least for YouTube. The next one is almost done, with video production wrapping up tomorrow.

Thanks for tuning in gang. Hope you have a lovely weekend coming your way!




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