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SeeBonnyDraw: Archer...of Archer! In Speed Painting Form!

Sup guys!? Today marks...7 straight days of artwork on TAY! That's a new record for me :3

Yesterday, I posted up my entry for a Majora's Mask contest and the 5 days before were the usual One a Day illustrations that have not skipped a beat. Today, we're gonna look at my take at a realistic Archer illustration for the first SeeBonnyDraw illustration for 2015!

Archer just started up season 6 this past month so to commemorate the show starting up, I decided to do a painting of everyone's favorite spy! I used the intro sequence as a starting point- specifically a key frame of the hero that puts the despicable yet oddly lovable man in view that would be perfect to paint over.


I kept the background the same so the visual connection could be made when the viewer realizes why the pose is similar. How the black and blue pop would eventually get me to outline the character so there was a callback to the cartoon/animation despite the "realistic" intentions. I put realistic in quotation marks because it's not as realistic as I had expected to go. I planned to try and go hyper realistic but then things got to be looking a bit creepy. I dialed it back a bit and found a place where it was more rendered than usual and still had the nature of the character.

Speaking of the nature of character, I summoned references of old-timey (and beautifully painted) James Bond movie posters. My original takes on Archer was a little too "handsome" as my cousin put it, and at first I didn't agree but then I realized I was moving a bit too far away from the character. I brought up the reference still from the intro and adjusted all the features, and readjusted the skin tone from a paler peach to a more greco olive that matched the character on the show.

As for the video itself, I want to thank a few of you who helped me discuss how to go about it in a Graveyard Shift pose where I posed a question a week earlier. In terms of holding narration, I thought maybe I could at least give an intro and ending vocals which would help me put a piece of me into the video while not having to dedicate too much since I'm finding my free time incredibly rare because of Pokemon One a Day, Series 2.

Also, this was the first time in 32 episodes (aka the entire history of the show running) where I was missing footage! It sorta upset me (maybe that's why my voice in the video is a bit more somber) since it never happened before and I couldn't figure out where it went or hell, if I even hit record on the latter sessions. That said, it's a shorter episode than usual, and I suppose without full narration, future videos will be shorter which I guess is a good thing in terms of maintaining attention from viewers.

Well, I guess that's it for now! Thank you guys for looking and reading, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for another SeeBonnyDraw next week! I think Sundays might be the best time to release them; chill a bit on Saturday after the 5 illustrations from One a Day, work on the SBD illustration and prep video in the evening and work on it on Sunday for an evening release.

Hope you had a nice weekend!


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