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SeeBonnyDraw: Michonne! in Speed Painting Form!

Last week, we tackled a network TV hero...This time, we enter the realm of cable as we make the focus towards AMC's The Walking Dead and one of it's heroines, Michonne!

Feel free to watch the video before or after the write up! Only you can prevent forest fires + decide when to watch SeeBonnyDraw.

Last week, I felt like I reached a new level in all aspects of how I approached and completed illustration portraits in The Arrow speed painting. What I learned from there I put to good use to illustration the gorram queen of The Walking Dead, Michonne.

What I can tell you guys is that I feel like I've found the balance in how I approach linework and coloring and knowing when to go tight and loose as I refine the piece. Furthermore, how I've approached color continually evolves and is getting stronger with confidence as I cement myself as a fauvist.


4 Hours 18 Minutes

Defining wrinkles in the jacket with warm hues, meshing warm and cool colors for her hair, and the obviously arm that's tie-dyed in colors are some stand out areas for the piece. Also, that bandana as simple as it is, I find quite striking as it's really static and neat amidst the flurry of colors that are strewn about the rest of the subject.

Another element I picked p from last weeks work was a splattery swoosh that was used to connect the two sides of the archer and make an impromptu mask for Oliver Queen...Here, Michonne get's a nice red streak that fits the curve of her katana. I'm particularly fond of the cool green blue at the tip that melds into orange as if it's melting hot - in homage of how she slices through walkers like buttah.

So...I think that's all I got for now gang! Now I'm off to watch The Walking Dead and then Better Call Saul. You guy watching too?

Pokemon One a Day continues back up tomorrow, and SeeBonnyDraw's next episode will drop in a week. What's the feature of next week? I can't say...except just make sure you don't meet with a terrible fate until after, okay?


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