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Hey guys! Last week, we tackled a cartoon hero...This time we flip it back into the real world with CW's The Arrow!

Watch the episode before or after the write up! It's up to you! You got the powah! ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH

I owe Arrow a lot. Also, my doctor. When he was telling me that I could get the DIABEETUS if I didn't lose weight, that scared me to no end! On August 6th, I started exercising and changed up my diet. Today, I checked my weight and I've officially lost 43 pounds!


Part of what made working out enjoyable, specifically cardio on the elliptical, is watching Netflix. I began to watch Arrow and was hooked! It was action packed to keep me running the entirety of the session, and all the dudes on the show are mad buff and ripped. Motivation!

Thus, I was super psyched to paint The Arrow for SeeBonnyDraw, which commemorates the return of Season 3 to TV, although a few weeks late :P

So, as a few of you may know, I had worked on an illustration of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow as played by Stephen Amell and it wasn't really working out. This is what I had gotten up to when I called it quits:

Failure, Unfinished T.T


I just wasn't feeling it. It was rendered enough but I wasn't happy with the colors and the likeness wasn't exactly where I wanted it. I've failed on other occasions for previous episodes, but it had been some time. I examined what I felt was the problem which I believe was a poor reference shot with colours I was making up rather than trying to get accurate. Y'all know how I love to play with colours.

Several months had passed, and it was time to get back into a new painting for The Arrow.


I couldn't get the likeness down before...Was it because of the shadows cast by the hood?! So we couldn't really see Amell as lit up!? I realized I could then split up the two entities for a more interesting composition! I used the swoosh from before for the same purpose - to help create a "mask" for the hero. It came out pretty nice if I may say so myself!

3 Hours 21 Minutes


This work is a push towards my resolution of being more "honest" when I paint, and to incorporate more of what I've learned over the years rather than doing what I was taught to do in art school to please professors. A lot of what they've taught me has been for the best of course, but a few things that have caused me to "over do" some works was subconscious trains of thought that made me render beyond what was necessary for my vision and what I felt was right.

I'm very content with how the work came out and I think I'm going to keep building what I have here in terms of technique. Hope you guys enjoyed the work and video! I'll see you next week with some new art...Just keep your head on and be wary of Japanese steel especially if you lazily fumble about...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and had a blast watching the Super Bowl if you're into the ball of american foots!



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