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I’m back with a new painting! Well, semi-new! In an effort to catch up to date with where I am with the YouTube Channel, I have to speed up time tables and what better way to do that with the aid of Barry Allen, as played by Grant Gustin in CW’s The Flash!?

Painting Time: 3H, 31M


So let’s start off with when I started this piece...Literally almost a year ago! Roughly a year ago, I released an Arrow speed painting to coincide with the return of the show (a disappointing season 3, to be honest!) and around that time also started up a Flash illustration. When I picked it back up to release around this time to coincide with the return of Flash Season 2 after the midseason, I found I was in altogether a different head space as an artist to continue it where I had left it.

Watch the speed painting process video below!

Fortunately, I hadn’t done too much work on the portrait of Barry, which was a screencap from the first episode, so I scrapped it and went with a more determined looking portrait which was referenced from promo material for the show. The other half of the piece which is Barry suited up as the Flash was kept as I barely worked on it the year back, so I just jumped in and approached it how I would anyway.

A peculiar thing would happen to this piece after I was finished, however. In an attempt to flesh out my new approach to painting, I suppose I may have gone too far in experimentation as I sort of overstylized Barry’s arm. I received a feedback/critique in the form of a YouTube comment that I agreed with and in a first, changed up the piece as a result. Thus, the final piece in the video and even the YouTube Thumbnail feature a Flash that’s pre-alteration.

I was glad to have received the critique and learned more about my approach and got to apply it so I’m definitely happier with how it looks now. Just goes to show you truly never stop learning! As for the portrait side, what I already did learn after all these years came into full swing and while I skipped the angular stylized push on that, I got to go pretty realistic and am extremely pleased with how it came out.


One funny moment while painting was the realization that the right side of the face was painted too red and he ended up looking burned like Prince Zuko from Avatar. Fortunately, I caught that before pushing it out and now Barry carries only one scar...and that’s his mum getting killed by his rival T.T


So that’s all I got for you this time! I’ll probably come through later at the end of the week with the next SeeBonnyDraw illustration and next week I’ll be up to schedule with the actual channel.

Alright folks, that’s all I got for now. Thank you for tuning in! Have an amazing week!



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