I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I have officially reached peak levels of jealousy towards everyone who owns a Nintendo Switch, because they get the opportunity to play THIS, as opposed to me, who can only experience it vicariously. It only took seeing an hour of gameplay to get that way.

Even seeing as much, sure, there are things worth worrying about, mainly how Nintendo still seems unable to provide much assurance that their online multiplayer networks are robust enough to handle a heavy load of players. Additionally, spreading out their fancily-named beta over only six hour-long sessions instead of one or two uninterrupted whole days is so Nintendo, it borders on self-parody.

Beyond those reservations, however!! Oh my lord, I am SO EXCITED. The best thing about it is that it’s more Splatoon. And that’s really all I need from it; I am absolutely positively not going to complain that this has all the markings of an iterative sequel with no major departures from the original. Truth is, this is the rare case where doing such a thing may be the most unwelcome thing possible.

Splatoon is, without question, my favorite online multiplayer game. No other game of its kind has so consistently been so fun, it’s not even close. Where Breath of the Wild seems to be many others’ system sellers, that’s what Splatoon 2 has been for me. Thus, the fact that Nintendo seems to be keeping much of the core of the experience that served it so well the first time through is heartening to see, and has further solidified how much I want to get in on the experience. Now to see how serious Nintendo may be about making this work as an eSport in a post-Overwatch world.


What are all of your impressions thus far? And have any of you actually participated in any of the testfire sessions thus far, and if so, what are your firsthand experiences about how the game is shaping up?

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