I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hey Tay!

Perhaps I could get you're assistance on a very specific request I am trying to fulfill?

So here's the skinny... I've been booked to DJ at this Video Game themed Burlesque show:

Illustration for article titled Seeking slinky, sexy, grindy, Video Game music...

Now DJing for burlesque shows is nothing new to me (I've been the house DJ for quite a few local shows over the past ten+ years, however this theme is a far cry (lol) from the typical themes I usually run with at these kinds of shows.

And seeing as I always put in 110% to make my sets very special, I really want to put in an extra 10% on this one, since I'm such a huge gaming nerd lol.

So to get down to it, I'm looking for examples of Video Game music and or remixes that would be appropriate for scantily clad Go-Go dancers to get down to. Doesn't have to be downtempo, it's just got to have that kind of slinky groove, sexy music tends to have.

I'm thinking that classic gaming music would be most recognizable to the crowd, but really I'm open to whatever you guys feel like sharing? And thanks again for any assistance any of you feel like providing!

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