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Sega Is Becoming Great Again

Valkyria Chronicles, Warhammer, Yakuza, and Sonic games that are actually pretty good? Sega has gotten their shit together.

Sega has been like Konami but less offensive. They were incapable of keeping up with the norms of game development, ethics in game design, and as a whole they had no idea what the hell they’re doing with their intellectual property. The big difference between Konami and Sega is that Sega is actually doing something productive with its many IPs.


Although many do not realize it, Sega is making a lot of money off of mobile games, and has borderline mastered the platform. Sonic Dash has been downloaded tens of millions of times on both Android and iOS devices, and every one of Sega’s other mobile games have received moderate to high success (financially). Just in June this year, Sega removed 19 games from the app store on all platforms because they knew/thought they were too low quality for Sega standards.

If game is below Sega’s standards, you know they’ve raised the bar.

I believe the release of Valkyria Chronicles, a turn based strategy shooter, on PC was the initial turning point for Sega. On top of that, the release of Sonic Boom was less of a wake-up call and more of a slap to the face. Sega appealed to the wrong demographic, tried to innovate in the wrong places (knuckles looks like an advertisement for leg day), and acted more like publishers releasing as much crap as it can to stay afloat instead of the giant it is.

Sega is becoming more and more like a modern-day triple A developer. Sonic Dash is a great mobile game, and considering the platform, a great Sonic game. It shows that Sega DOES know how to create the sense of speed Sonic needs, and that they can make a great Sonic game.

This brings hope back for a potentially great Sonic game, and tells us Sega is making an effort again.


Some of the games published by Sega have been hyper successful, but the company hasn’t been credited with contributing to the game. Games like Alien Isolation, Total War, Bayonetta, Yakuza were all published or developed by Sega.

When it comes to the PC market, Sega has been sitting at the edge of the pool with its feet dipped in. Now, its lining up for a cannonball.


Sega’s recent decision to make a Valkyria game for PS4 shows that they have learned to listen to their fans, and are actually acting on their requests. They have seen the potential on the PC market with Valkyria Chronicles’ PC release.

The game dominated the top sellers chart on Steam for a week, an extraordinary achievement for a port of an almost 7 year old game. There is no doubt in my mind this is what revived Valkyria Chronicles, and the proof lies in the HD remake and sequel slated for 2016.


Sega has made statements regarding their satisfaction with the sales made from Valkyria Chronicles on PC, and now they’re giving people what they wanted. An HD remake gives Sega the chance to tweak an already fun game, along with more money with which they can make more games like Valkyria Revolution.

This is a shining light on the shitpile of a reputation that Sega got after the release of Sonic Boom.


I’m predicting that within the next few years we’ll see another Sonic game leagues above the quality of any other Sonic game released in recent years, including Sonic Generations which was a brilliant homage to Sega’s better days.

Also please give us more of the Sonic Boom show, less of the Sonic Boom games.

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