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One could argue that Sega’s decision making regarding the Sonic franchise could use a significant improvement, given the disappointment that was the Sonic Boom video games. The Sonic Boom TV show, however, seems to be the one thing they got right with the hedgehog’s reboot, so much so that they now seem to have a problem with people uploading episodes for free on Youtube.

Now, here is where most companies would drop the hammer down and start issuing copyright strikes with reckless abandon. Sega, however, has decided on a much gentler approach.


Posted last week on the official Sega blog, Sega announced that anyone who has uploaded episodes of the Sonic Boom TV show would be receiving messages directly from them asking to have the episodes removed. Doing so would prevent any action against the offending channel, while failure to do so would result in copyright strikes.

It’s good to see game company stay civil in how it handles it’s copyright claims, and not immediately resort to the abuse of Youtube’s copyright claim system that has been so frequent lately. Good job, Sega.

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