I'm really feeling it!

Turns out Nintendo isn't the only company who is focusing their endeavors on health and life wellness. SEGA has announced a new Sonic title with a surprising twist, and it's only coming to the (often overlooked) PS Vita.


Announced this morning via a press release and teaser trailer, SEGA's newest title will be called Sonic: Real Speed. As mentioned above, it is coming exclusively to the PlayStation Vita. The game will apparently have players actually moving around while holding their Vita. Not only that, but the game will also come packed with a "Sonic SPEEDometer" that will track the actual speed you are currently moving.

It seems like a strange move, but SEGA does explain a bit in their info sheet.

We have seen the Vita struggle to find a market and we know that feeling. Nintendo bested us in the handheld gaming market many years ago when we released the Game Gear, and we don't want the Vita to suffer the same fate. This is why we have teamed with Sony to create this new Sonic experience exclusively for Vita players.

For the first time in the history of games, you can control the actual speed Sonic runs by walking or running in real life. The SPEEDometer knows when you are moving and will not work when you are simply sitting in a moving vehicle, so players will be inspired to get up and get moving! We hope that Sonic fans new and old will be thrilled with this new incantation, as Sonic Boom did not go over so well. Gotta go fast!

As an avid runner and gamer this is an appealing concept. Though I'm not sure players could pay attention to where they were going while running AND playing a game on their Vita. It would certainly be better suited to someone running on a treadmill. SEGA has stated that the game is planned to launch this summer and more information will be shown at E3 2015.

Guess I better start training. And get a Vita.

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