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Detective Furby on the case! A Wolf Among Us Police notebook


References to other Fairytales/fables:

Ichabod's office

Alice in wonderland - book in ichabod's office (Vorpal sword and jabberwocky)

DonkeySkin?? — very similar to Cinderella — Wiki says it is indeed it's own fairytale just as presented.


Cinderella, entry before Donkeyskin in the book of fables.

Robin Hood? Looked female

King Arthur

Book Mural: The wind in the willows, sleepy hollow, Prince Lawrence (of arabia?) and father, Red Riding Hood, Snow white and seven dwarves, Three little pigs

Aladdin: Genie lamp

Buffkin: Flying Monkey from Wizard of Oz

Giant gauntlet? Rhino head?

Jack and the Beanstalk -beanstalk, cage he kept "nightengale" in, giant's gauntlet and axe


Sword in the stone

spools of thread - rumplestiltskin?

Airship? I don't know this one, is it supposed to be Peter Pan



The Street/apartments

Alice in Wonderland- Tweedledee and Tweedledum, I am the eggman diner

3 Billy goats gruff - Trip Trap Bar

Oz: Yellowbrick warehouse

Cinderella: Glass slipper shoes

Notes before I forget:

0. Bulfinch St. Is where Bigby lives. Thomas Bulfinch wrote books on mythology. Speaking of where he lives. Let's play name that Fable.


1. Cinderella had a lot of her entry redacted

2. Mirror can show dead people as he can show Faith's father, but cannot show Faith - spell protects the rest of her body. Someone wants to hide her body - uses magic to protect its location, or she's not dead somehow? Why hide the body so secretly instead of just dumping in the river?


3. Faith tried to direct our attention to her ribbon when we first met her, then it was stuffed inside her mouth along with her family crest(?) post mortem.

4. She also made mention that she wanted to tell Bigby more but was prevented somehow from telling him. Later, mirror says that "the words are not mine" after he is unable to tell Bigby the location of Faith. Someone is presumably using a spell to prevent this from being mentioned. Either someone with access to Mirror and Faith or perhaps the spell is only on Faith.


5. According to Bluebeard's file - the killing does fit his MO but no real motive - why would Bluebeard want a prostitute murdered when he's a rich CEO type? Maybe but seems too obvious. He doesn't really fit the serial killer in popular media trope. He's too high profile with too much to lose. When CEOs need someone killed they don't do it themselves, they hire people like the Woodsman to do it for them.

6. The Woodsman's axe has a druidic blessing given to it. Probably not important but does give ties to the real world.


7. The tarot cards:

Strength; Didn't catch the "name" of the card

The ten of swords: The Ten of Swords is the Tarot's card of bottoming out. But this card is a blessing in disguise, as the darkest hours in which you suffer are about to give way to a new dawn.


source: http://www.keen.com/documents/work… card.asp

The Tower: To be in a harsh situation which you will be exiting well. From: wikipedia.com


Didn't catch which direction the cards were facing (important in tarot) - also not a full spread indicating he either was being selective or what, just cherrypicking cards to look at? Maybe meaningless.

Said that "Jack" recently got them from appalachia - Jack...who? (Snak says: Jack is "Jack" take your pick.) I've also noticed J. Horner lives in the building, so that could be the reference. Although there is a book called Jack the Giant Chaser: An Appalachian Tale So it could be referencing that Jack.


8. Someone has hanged themselves from the beanstalk


The more I think about it the more I think maybe this is referring to Dante's Inferno and the Wood of Suicides. Dante isn't really myth though....it's a bit of a stretch. It may simply be a nod to the infamous scene from The Wizard of Oz.

9. I Chose to go to Toad's apartment first - first thing I noticed was that the apartment seems to have mundys there. K. Lyons and R. Kaufman come up empty using my Google fu. Unless they assume new names. Also Toad is a pretty despicable landlord.


9. Lamp was thrown or it was decorative. But why have a lightbulb in a decorative lamp. It was not plugged in there - hence the shot of the fan and the clock plugged into the wall.

10. Frog explains his wound healing so quickly away with, "Perks of being a fable I suppose. And a folk." Indicating some subdivision of fables.


11. Seen on a Taxi: 400$ non stop to the Bahamas - Oceanic airlines (LOST reference)

12. To play Dexter - Gun and sword. Not suicide. Lots of blood near the mantel indicated someone was probably shot/hurt standing over there - escaped through the window. Someone gutted the guy, was shot, then ran off. Possibly Woodsman as when Mirror checked on him he seemed still hurt - unsure as to how quickly the "wolverine healing power" works. It's been awhile since the initial axe to head and no indication of that in the mirror movie of woodsman. This was my initial write up. Thinking about it makes my head hurt. So let's just lay out the facts: Lawrence looks and smells like he's rotting. This means he's been near death for awhile. This works with the gun not having been fired in a long time. Lawrence appears to have three wounds. One large gunshot wound to the head. One gunshot wound to the heart, from the front of him at a bit of an angle. Meaning whoever fired the gun was slightly below Lawrence, who was sitting in his chair at the time. We confirm this with the trajectory of the bullet. There's blood on the corner of Lawrence's bed, pooled in his chair, and on his mantle. His window can be seen to have been cracked open from outside. There's an ornate knife with blood on it on the floor. Typing this I'm starting to reconstruct a bit. Assume it was Tweedledee. He sneaks in through the window, stabs Lawrence. Lawrence shoots Tweedledee around the neck (blood on mantle). Somehow Lawrence is shot in the chest? hrmmm why knife AND gun? grrr. Anyway, Lawrence, thinking he has killed Tweedledee? puts him in the closet or in the bed or something. Maybe the knife is cursed or something so he doesn't heal like normal. Now he's slowly decaying, he doesn't move from his chair. Eventually he shoots himself in the head, or maybe the chest. Maybe I imagined the shot through the head. The game really wants you to think that it's a suicide but nothing adds up. There's even a note.


But why would he leave a note? On the fridge you see that Faith already left him. If he had planned his own suicide, why not send her the letter via mail?


13. Gun wasn't fired in a week yet lawrence has an obvious gunshot wound to his head and what I'm guessing, is a stab wound to his gut. He has several days worth of mail unopened.

14. You meet Tweedledee. He has blood on the left side of his shirt. He claims that Lawrence shot himself in front of him. If Lawrence was sitting like he was when he was shot (based on bullet path, we think so) that means that Tweedledee was standing behind him on Lawrence's right hand side based on the alleged trajectory. Something isn't adding up here.


15. I'm guessing one of the brothers was at Woodsman's apartment and one was at Lawrence's.

16. Initials on the dartboard: WooDsman, Holly, GRendel (was trying to figure it prior to when he did)


17. Gren - Grendel from Beowulf. I guess if Beowulf is on the table, then maybe Inferno isn't so far off.

18. OK Maybe Woodsman was hurt from prior injuries, can't clear him for Lawrence as the knife did seem like it had Gaelic frou frouery. Maybe someone else from the Red Riding hood story.


18.2 Woodsman mentions that Grandma has money. Lots of money. How does that fit in? Don't know yet.

19. Finshed. You can prevent Lawrence's death. Interesting. So the piled up mail maybe just from depression. Sleeping pills could be a red herring. He has a Murphy bed so it would make sense that his sleeping pills would be sitting next to his chair in the living room. When asked who did this to him he says Faith. Could mean either A. She's not dead somehow B. He did commit suicide and blames his suicide on Faith C. He was out of it and just really loved Faith. I pick this one. I'll have to replay to save him.


Finish: God Damn it. I knew it. As soon as I saw those lights I was like, Please be beauty, please be...fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

20. Credits roll. This guy shows up.


Red Haired widow's peak guy next to the pig. The same picture was in Trip Trap. Violent guy!

Suspect list in order of likelihood

Someone we've not been introduced to yet - I don't think we've met the killer yet truthfully. The people we've seen have struck me as dishonest and flawed, but not really serial killer material.


Ichabod Crane - Napoleon syndrome, has anger issues, hiding something (massages with wine?)

Tweedledee/dum - unlikely they're the masterminds behind everything, but they're definitely up to something. They're more the hired help than the actual killer.


Bigby Wolf - As implausible as it is, the one big thing that stands out to me is that both victims knew Bigby.

Woodsman - doubt it, he's angry and violent, not really the personality profile of a serial killer. He is not in control of his emotions.


Bluebeard - Also doubtful. Although the murder styles fit his previous killing style, he seems more intent on making money. Killing people would jeopardize his operations and maybe bring too much light on his shady going ons.

Riding Hood - maybe she's pissed she never got to be a princess so she's taking revenge. All she got was the Woodsman to come to her rescue and let's face it...he's not exactly....


Prince Charming - I've seen enough "fables gone sideways" to know that Prince Charming is always if not evil, a smarmy asshole.

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