I'm really feeling it!

Seriously? They're not even trying anymore.

So this garbage just showed up in my Facebook feed. Those are literally just Splatoon assets pasted into a picture of someone holding a mobile phone.

And I think my favorite part is the description: “the most anticipated first person shooter for mobile”.


Because first off, Splatoon is a third person shooter.

Secondly, FINALLY a first person shooter for mobile! How did we live without a first person shooter for mobile?!

So naturally, I tap the Download button.


So okay. They’re going whole hog on this Splatoon thing. Those are literally pics of Splatoon. Their icon is the Squid Girl from Splatoon.

Well shit. Let’s find out what this is. I tap “Get”.


Huh? It took me to the Apple homepage. It wants me to buy an iPhone 6s? Is “StrikeTeam” just a front for Apple to subliminally trick me into upgrading my iPhone?

No, it couldn’t be... Not my Apple.

StrikeTeam... Who are they really? Wait... They said they’re on the App Store... Eureka! I can search the App Store!


What the shit?

Call of Duty: Strike Team?


A search for “Monkey Games” and “Monkey Games StrikeTeam” is fruitless. There are tons of “monkey games” and very legitimate games called “Strike Team”. But none of them use pics of Splatoon in their advertising. And there’s no evidence of this game outside that erroneous Facebook advertisement.


What the hell is going on here? What is “StrikeTeam”? Who is “Monkey Games”? Why do they sponsor a Facebook ad for a game that doesn’t seem to exist using pics from a Nintendo game in a different genre and a name jacked from a popular Activision title?

Is this a scam or... Something even more nefarious than that?

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