I have trekked over these planets over and over again; destroying the villains of the Traveler, collecting materials, and dancing upon various landmarks, but now I feel like the journey is coming to a climactic end... for now.

After docking an astonishing 86 hours into this game (which will more than likely go up from the time I write this, to when it actually gets published), I am beginning to feel like I have done it all, although I have one final feat: The Vault of Glass. I am hesitant about this feat, and what it will entail after its completion.

It has been a long time since I was this enthralled with a title, and especially one that I was looking forward to: I went to the midnight release. I got my free swag. I debated strategies and tactics with fellow Guardians as we stood in front of our local Best Buy (which is probably the easiest midnight release I have ever been to). I was looking forward to this title since it's alpha and beta builds, which I ate up like a starving fanboy, and enjoyed it immensely within it's first week of release. Of course it had it's slew of issues, but what game doesn't? Right?


I still feel like I got my moneys worth out of the $150 "dinklebot" edition, and absolutely love the in depth lore and story they made to build up to Destiny, but all it did was make me yearn for more. The in game story was lackluster, with only a small segment with meat to it, and that soon fizzled down to the drawn out prelude of what's to come. But why did I continue playing it, and still get on for hours every day? Well, it's primarily the community, and the cooperation. I can't think of another title where I did not wish a horrible demise on someone who just freight trained me with a shotgun, only because I know he could someday have my back in a tight situation. I like the idea of our Guardians transferring over from death match to story, and advancing him for all the effort he has put into the game, but that is not what I am talking about today.


The Vault is all I have left to finish this game. I have worn the flag of the Crucible, fought with my fellow Guardians with Strikes, helped the Tower with patrol missions on the various planets, and now I am prepared. After I have explored and vanquished it, I will be victorious... but then what? What will I do until The Dark Below's release in December? I am not sure about that. All I have to wait for is the possibility of new weekly events, with maybe new gear or content, and the Crucible, which I am not a big PvP fan. After this weekend, I believe my time on Destiny will cut down... a lot.


Of course I could always make another class, or continue hunting down some exotics I yet to have in my collection, and I think I will do those... eventually, but I think a small break is due. My Ghost is on the fritz, the sparrow needs a new engine, and I need to scrub the bits of Cabal brain matter from my Thorn. Until then, maybe I will run into out on the galactic frontier, and just hit me up if you need help with any missions or strikes. Until then...

See you Starside, Guardians!