I'm really feeling it!

Hey remember weeks ago when a Kotaku writer Jason called the Artist of Dragon's Crown a 14 y/o and that artist implied that he was gay and drew that RIDIC hot picture of dwarf dudes all sweaty which is currently the wallpaper on my smartphone (for Science!). Remember how like the internet was all like 'Sexism dudes!' and the other internet was like 'No wai! It's not sexism! There's like history and junks in portraying big titties and asses!' Yeah.

Well there's this other other part of the internet that decided to like, illustrate the demeaning and stupid assness of the Dragon's Crown sexy girls..check out http://psdo.tumblr.com/post/499517425…


Look at all that big sweaty bulging empowerment. Bare in mind I'm not saying we don't need or want sexy exploited girls (because the Amazon is my waifu) but let's have some of that sweet ass equality exploitation!

Now go Vanillaware! Make this DLC happen!

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