I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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SFBT-4 Super Expensive Figure on SALE *LIMITED*

M-field’s SFBT series is known for being super articulate (80 articulations on 3rd)for artists to illustrate and they released the 4th last year(late 2018). And boy does it look gorgeous!


Unlike its predecessor who is female, the 4th is a male figurine.

Link to Store: http://dolkus.com/detail.php?id=18697

Originally retails for a whooping 498USD(AHhhhh ✖╭╮✖), now on sale for 15% off making it 423 USD. If you have any points, 1 point would take off 1 USD...assuming you had been spending your precious moolah on Dolk’s site(please make sure the points are on because it’s automatically off).


Shipping is included in the price.

Check out my review on the predecessor. But it’s currently not on sale...

Or maybe you want something way more affordable...Part1 and Part 2 of Figma’s Archetype series.


I will review it to see the differences...I’m hoping the eyes are much better to deal with it.

Edit: Corrections on the released date of SFBT-4 which is 2018, NOT 2019.

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