I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Shall we play a game? *competition over*

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I usually play this with some friends on instant message groups and I thought that it would be fun to put it here. If you guys like it we can do it on a weekly basis. It’s just some basic Friday shenanigans, because... FRIDAY!


The name of the game is “Find me” and it’s quite simple. I will give a subject and an example. And everyone has to “find me” something better or worse depending on the challenge.


  1. Only one post per user
  2. Only direct replies to the topic are valid (replies to replies are not valid)
  3. Answers are only valid if submitted within the 24h of the original posting.
  4. After the first 24 hours, there will be another 48 hours for voting done by recommendations on the answers. On Monday I’ll count the stars and whoever has the most wins two very important prizes, Bragging rights and calling the next “Find me” when I open it up next week.

So… wanna play?

Today’s topic is cheesy music videos. Find me the cheesiest one ever!

And the most recommended piece of cheese was posted by Zarnix! Congratulations!

When I open this game again this Friday you will call the next “Find me”

As an additional prize here is another bit of cheese. Valesca Poposuda, a Brazilian ah... Singer?

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