Hello all you fine TAY’ers! Did you know TAY has a Twitter account?

Ohhh. Questioning the validity of that claim, are you? It’s true...promise!

If you didn’t know, either you haven’t been reading the round ups, you just don’t give a hoot, or someone handling the account has been super slacking.

::shifty eyes::

Anyway, if you’d like to share your Twitter Handles with TAY, please do so here! The plan is to let us all be on the same page when it comes to all those great TAY posts we’ve got going, and to give credit where credit is due where we’re able.

@KoTAYku is our official TAY Twitter handle and we’ll continue to tweet your articles out to our ever growing followers. If you do decide to share your handle with TAY, we’ll likely give you the shout there when we tweet the articles to the wild.


Who knows, maybe you just want to pick up and follow a few TAY’ers on Twitter too.

Get to sharing, friends!