So I was looking through my console library this morning, and after a good two years straight of buying and not really playing, I said to myself, "Shit man, look at all these great games! I'm dying to play them all!" Right now, I'm playing through Illusion of Gaia (which is amazing, go play it), but next on my list, in no order, are Super Metroid, Beyond Oasis, Breath of Fire 3/4, SaGa Frontier, Terranigma, and a treasure trove of (much shorter) shmups and beat 'em ups.

But after amassing a collection of almost every game I'm interested in playing between now and death (plz drop in price 2 the folooing: Tron Bonne, Suikoden II, Metal Warriors, Trouble Shooter 2), I've gotten to wondering... Which console has the best games? I'm having a really hard time deciding, TAY. If I looked at my collection and went by quantity, PS3 wins... But very few of those games are 10/10 IMHO, and the majority are solid 8/10's. If you held a gun to my head and forced me to choose, I'd still have a hard time between PS1, SNES (incl. SuperFami, which is half my SNES collection [and about half of those never came out here]) and Genesis (incl. Sega CD).

I know Wii isn't going to win this for me, since the only Wii game I own is just there because it's cheaper to buy (the superior version of) 4Resident Evil (the box says that!) on the Wii than the Gamecube. My N64, Gamecube and 3DS collections also contain fewer than 10 games each... I don't quite have the same hard-on for Nintendo as a lot of people do.

I guess if I had to make a Top 5, it'd be like:

1. PS1


3. Genesis/SCD

4. PS2

5. PS3

Anyway, TAY! I compel thee! Tell me what console library is za besto! Handhelds are included, but not PC!