"... seems to be climbing the turn-buckle earlier for TAY readers! I can't believe what I'm seeing, JR! High risk manoeuvre coming up!"

The "Fire Pro Wrestling" video game series might not be very well know but it always did have some very impressive, underrated music. The people at Human Entertainment sure were a bunch of talented folk. Sadly this EP came to be out of tragedy... It is a tribute to the man that produced the games, all the way back to the original Famicom Disk System "Pro Wrestling" that he programmed single handedly: Masato Masuda. I have yet to find out the cause of his unexpected passing at age 48. While I was mid way into making this, The Ultimate Warrior passed away at age 52. This EP was the way I found to pay my dues. It has covers from 7 themes of "Fire Pro Wrestling A" for the Game Boy Advance, the very first title in the series that was translated to English and released in the West. I also added an 8th track, a small medley of tunes from the NES "Pro Wresling". So please enjoy "Fire Pro Wrestler" in any of the flavours below:

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... and not a single folding chair around when you need one! Hope you enjoy this tracks, for me they're closure: I really had to make this EP and raise a little awareness about this series of fantastic, visionary video game series.

See you on the next belt match! Play Hard, PLAY LOUDER! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

*OMAKE* A mini-poster I made to go along with the EP.