I'm really feeling it!

...but only for you guys & gals. Hi, my name is Shiryu and you might remember me from such popular arTAYcle shows as "Stuck on a (Game)Cube", "Tales of Generations Past", "Skylanders Watch", "First Play", "Now In English" and "The WipeOut Legacy" parts one and two. I know things have been quiet on my side this week, that's because of my overly shiryus job and during this quiet time I have been taking some out-of-office formal advanced training in cyber-warfare! Yes, it is a scary place out there, that real world. A few weeks ago a fellow koTAYkuite asked "Can't you do anything other than post your music?" and gorsh dang it, here I am again doing just that!

Sneaking this a day earlier for everyone who reads TAY, "Mega Man XXV - The Third" is a tribute EP part of my ongoing celebration for the twenty five years of Mega Man, covering the music of the NES outing "Mega Man 3", the game entry where cyberdog of awesome Rush début! now that's some trivia for ya! Good timing on my part, with all the current craze surrounding "Mighty Nº 9", eh? Pure coincidence I assure. Pick your poison from the choices below:

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In case you missed the previous four EPs of this ongoing tribute series, they somewhere in this general direction. Feel free to spread the love and tell your friends! Hope you enjoy yet another zany release from yours truly and that this brings you some awesome old-school, 8-bit memories.


Be seeing you around. And remember: Play Hard, Play LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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