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Shiryu Music Presents: PSXX

Did you really think I would ignore the fact that the Sony Playstation turned 20 this year?

From the moment I took my PSX home, I knew something was very different with this new age of gaming: It was broken out of the box. The lens just could not read neither the demo disco or Ridge Racer that my dad generously bought (the PSX was all out of my money). I would own 4 different consoles in 6 months before Sony rolled out the first hardware revision, with the lens mounted away from the internal AC adaptor. Up to this day, they still don't admit the design flaw.


But don't think I let that mishap spoil my enjoyment of this amazing console! I must have played well over 300 games for it, most of them Japan imports. It was truly blessed days, we finally had true "arcade perfect" at home. There are so, so many memories of good times spent with friends and some of the finest video games i ever played in my life.

Which takes me to tomorrows LP release. Oh yes, I am snaking this one earlier for everyone on TAY to enjoy. PSXX is much like last weeks SSXX a collection of twenty chiptune demakes of themes from twenty of my favourite PSX video games. Trust me, it was very hard to choose just twenty for this, so I apologise if your favourite game is not represented here.

All-right, I leave up to you to discover what those games were and your favourite option from the choices below.

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And that's all Shiryu wrote! This is my 27th release this year alone, it's the last of 2014... video game related that is, I still have a very, very big, very special release this Monday. Since it's not video game related, I will not post it on TAY (maybe I will TAY Blip it?). It was a pleasure sharing my video game musical projects with you guys and gals at TAY. I hope to see and hear from you in the future at the usual place.


Play Hard, Play LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

*OMAKE* Release mini-poster.

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