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Shiryu Music Presents: SSXX

Did you really think I would ignore the fact that the SEGA Saturn turned 20 this year?

Ah, the 32 bit wars! What an exciting time to be a gamer. The later half of the 90's brought to us true arcade quality games to your television sets, compact disc technology took music to red book audio quality, full motion video intros and endings where the talk of town.


SEGA's entry into that war was the Saturn, a system that might not have the 3D technology as advanced as it's competitor Playstation, but that would not undermine the fact it was a enormous success in Japan and the system with some of the finest 2D games ever produced!

SSXX is my twenty track chiptune demake/cover tribute featuring twenty of my favourite all time Saturn games music. Please select your option below.

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I hope this one brings you some great memories of revolutionary times in the video game industry. I never owned a Saturn in my life, I was a PSX guy but much like owning a SNES never prevented me from appreciating games on the Megadrive, I was fortunate enough to have family and friend who had Saturns and I played quite a lot of it back in the day.

All the Shiryu Music news as they happen. Play Hard, Play LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ


*OMAKE* Release poster.

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