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Shiryu Music Presents: The Ultimate 20th Doom

Ten-Hut Marines! Today we celebrate the 21st anniversary of the achievements from greatest among us men and women of the Corps: General DoomGuy!

Most would turn away from the face of impossible odds back in 1993 when the greatest among us found himself all alone on Mars with the company of Hell spawns driving his companions mad and jumping into our lovely solar system. Sure, Private First Class DoomGuy could just cuddle in a corner and cry for momma, who wouldn't faced with a god-damned Cacodemon gaze? But this Marine instead took his side-arm and started shooting. And shoot he did all the way back to Earth, preventing an invasion of our home world and losing his mind while at it.


We gather here today to salute General DoomGuy and give thanks for his services to this Planet by way of special edition chiptune compilation. Take it away, Marching Marine Chiptune Band Detail:

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Outstanding performance Marines! I felt all fuzzy inside. Now get into your VR simulations and try to complete the 21 year old mission of General DoomGuy once more. A word of caution: Marines caught using IDDQD cheat code will be sent to latrine duty for two weeks, including weekends!

Well, that about covers it. Platooooon... Diiiiiismiiiiiiisss!

*OMAKE* Military Propaganda Poster.

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