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Shiryu Music: Rainbow Road Adventures Rocket Starts!

SURPRISE! Boy, it was hard quietly sitting on this one for well over a month...

To celebrate the arrival of Mario Kart 8 in stores worldwide, I have released a tribute album to the series, featuring many versions of the music from one of the things that never changes in all these years: Rainbow Road.


This is the second time I team up with Portuguese blog Meus Jogos DS and I hope not to disappoint after the success of "Fire Emblem: War Memories".

Here is a neat trailer:

And as usual, pick your favourite flavour from the links below to grab your LP:

Free MP3 Download - Bandcamp LossLess Purchase - YouTube Stream

That's all from yours truly for now. I need a shiryus vacation... but show must go on. Feel free to join up and tell your friends to come over and hit the "Like" button at Shiryu Music, I think something good might happen when that counter hits 666... but for now please enjoy "Rainbow Road Adventures"!

Play Hard, Play LOUD! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

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