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Shiryu Music 24 Hour Super Promo: 15 Years Of Metal Gear Solid

Fifteen years ago on this date, Hideo Kojima's Playstation masterpiece "Metal Gear Solid" arrived at European shops. It not only remains my favourite game in the series (even more so the GameCube "Twin Snakes" remake), it truly stands as one of my favourite video games of all time. It is no surprise that it's influence quickly spread onto my music making hobby and thus, in celebration of this historical video gaming event and for the next twenty four hours, my "Outer Haven" live set trilogy over at my Bandcamp store is completely free (or pay what you want if you're feeling generous!). Hit the links below with maximum stealth to get your goods:


Destination: Outer Haven (2009)

Return To Outer Haven (2010)


Conquest Of Outer Haven (2013)

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to share your favourite Metal Gear memories on the comments below. Play Hard, PLAY LOUD! ...or just climb onto a card box instead.

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