When I was first invited to become an Author at TAY, I was afraid that diving head first into video game bloging and have less time to spend doodling around music. However the exact opposite happened and 2014 is only half way past but it is already a record breaking year for Shiryu Music releases.

I did end up posting every release over here, knowing that some people might mistake that as shameless self promoting. That could not be further from the truth. I love video games, I love music. The combination of both is my nirvana. So jump right in the links below in case you missed any of the current 2014 fifteen releases:

01.03 The 20th Doom - EP1 - Knee-Deep in The Chiptune

01.10 The 20th Doom - EP2 - The Chiptunes of Hell

01.17 The 20th Doom - EP3 - Chiptuned Inferno


01.24 Mega Man XXV - The Second

01.31 Mega Man XXV - The Second & ½


02.21 The WipE'ouT'' Legacy HD FURY

03.21 Mega Man XXV - The Third


04.04 Mega Man XXV - The Third & ½

04.18 Fire Pro Wrestler


05.02 Shiryu's Arcade Volume 9

05.16 Mega Man XXV - The Fourth


05.23 Mega Man XXV - The Fourth

05.30 Rainbow Road Adventures


05.31 666

06.27 Rock'n'Roll'n'Racing


... yeah, I need to go home rethink my life. I would like to thank everyone for the feedback in the past 6 months regarding my musical hobby. I'm glad I am bringing up memories of games past, often forgotten due to how fast things keep advancing. But for me, like video games, a great tune will always be a great tune.

Tomorrow, I will have myself face TAY review. I will need your help so I can decide what to do in my future as one of you guys and girls who daily write for TAY. But for today, just let the music play!