I'm really feeling it!

Shiryu's (Further) Smashing Adventures!

What a crazy day... ~_~,

Spend most of it waiting in waiting rooms while waiting for results of mandatory, bi-yearly health check-up (key word from that last setence: waiting!). Besides lots of crazy proper work stuff that kept me away from my computer desk, I did manage to get in few Smashing minutes on 3DS. It reminded me just how happy I was to own a Game Boy when I had so many long hours spend on waiting rooms. Ok, here is what I got for today.

Feel the awesome by the sunset! Come get some!


Triforce of my boot in your face!

Flash kick!


"Shiryu has Mario on the ropes. Literally!"


"Death stare cant save Luigi from that boot, looks like this is the year of Shiryu. Little Mac can't even look at the carnage."


MegaShiryu, RockShiryu... or ShiryuMan.


Stuck on a Game Boy.


Bowser's close shave.


Look out behind you!

It truly is amazing to think we can now carry a full fledged, complete experience Smash Bros in our pockets. How far we travelled from the original Game & Watch...


Pick your copy tomorrow in most western countries!



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