This week has been dead-week for me, because next week are my finals for this semester. And instead of studying intensely I was browsing around some games that I really haven't had time to play. So just for fun, I would like to share my little story experiences with each one.


This was the first one I started playing this week. I'm sure that almost everyone knows what game this is, if not let me explain it real fast. It's basically 2-D Minecraft, except that it raises a bit more emphasis on survival. There are also a few bosses and tons of items to create, as well as other weapons that you can experiment with. I've spent the most time in this game out of the ones I am going to talk about, and have enjoyed it more than the others. So here is my short experience...

I woke up in the middle of nowhere, trees surrounded me, and there was a simple man that was staring at me. "Hello?" I asked. The man replied "Hello! I am your guide to Terraria, if you get lost talk to me and I'll help you out!" I was extremely lost, so of course I asked him what I should do. The guide told me to build a house for him, and that building houses will bring in NPCs.


So, I set out on my first mission, to build a house. And after about 10 minutes I had constructed the simplest house that could ever be created. So I decided to go back to the guide. When I returned to where I first met him, he was gone. I panicked and went searching for him. I climbed a hill and once I had reached the top I heard the sounds of fighting. The guide was fighting what looked like a formless green blob. But instead of sliding around on the ground, the blob just would jump and bump into the guide over and over. I stood and watched for a minute, why wasn't the guide fighting back? After I had seen enough of watching the guide almost die, I brandished a wooden sword that I didn't realize I had and destroyed the green blob.

So I wiped the sweat off my 2-D brow and prepared for praise from the guide for saving his life. I walked up to him proudly and requested him to speak. But instead of a thank you, the Guide said, "For a house to be suitable to live in, it must have a table and a chair." I facepalmed. Perhaps this world was just going to be full of ungrateful people. I sighed, and reluctantly went back to work to create the table and chair. It was when I was collecting wood again that I realized my health was too low because of the previous fight. this was because another blob jumped on my head and split me into a million pieces. I had been slain.


Hotline Miami

This was the second I picked up this week. It had been just sitting on my Vita since it was free for playstation plus members. I knew this game was violent based on what I had heard and seen, but eh! I love violence, lets get crackin'!


I woke up in my shitty apartment, for some reason I had slept in my clothes. Instead of showering, or changing clothes I went to my living room. I saw that I had a message on my telephone, so I listened to it. "There's been some kids causing problems for me, and I really need a babysitter, here's the address, I'm sure you will take great care of them."

Hmm. Babysitting... I haven't done that in years, but they thought that I'm the best person for the job so I shrugged and went on my way. I stepped out of my front door into the neon nothingness that is Miami and got into my DeLorean-like car.

The drive took hardly any time because the place I was going was only about a mile into the void. I got out of my car and walked up to the front door. "Hmm... I bet the kids will laugh when they see this." I thought to myself as I put a chicken head mask over my head and entered the house. "He-" I said right before I was greeted in the head with a bat that split my skull leaving my brains all over the wall and carpet. Luckily in this great neon world I got to reincarnate. So I was recreated outside the door again, still donning the chicken mask.


Confused as to why the man hit like that, I decided he might of thought I was a stranger so I figured I would go in and explain myself. I entered the building again, and was once again met with the great fury of the man with the baseball bat. Which of course left my brains all over the place again. After two more times of attempting to reason with the man, my rage finally came to me. I burst into the door for a fifth time, but this time I knocked the baseball bat wielding man to the floor. I quickly got on top of him and pushed my thumbs into his eyes so as to leave him blind, then proceeded to bash his head against the ground seven times before his head was nothing more than a pile a mush.

Panting, I stood up and grabbed the bat he once wielded and continued my rampage. Before I came back to my senses, all 12 people were killed leaving the scene to look like something right out of a horror film. Blood covered almost everything, and bits of brain and skull were scattered throughout the building's rooms.


I decided that I was hungry after the bludgeoning of these people, so it was time to get out of there and go get some food.

As I pulled up to a pizza place to get a pizza, I panicked for a split second that I too was covered head to toe in blood. Luckily though there wasn't any to be found on me so I went inside and approached the counter. "Oh hey! You don't need to order, I had a feeling you were coming so your pizza is already done," a crummy bearded employee said to me. Though this was greatly confusing to me, I took the pizza box and left. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the pizza box was actually full of cash. I celebrated, not worrying why the pizza box was filled with cash. I continued to celebrate until the wee hours of the morning and then went to sleep.


I woke up the next day once again in the same clothes that I woke up in the night before. I guess in this Miami it isn't important to change your clothes. I shrugged and went to the living room. Only to find that I once again had a message on my phone waiting for me.

The Lone Survivor

This was another game that I had sitting on my Vita waiting to be played. I only gave it a 30 minute run last night at 2 a.m., but I still want to share my short story experience with the game with everyone.


I woke up in my bed after what felt like I had been sleeping for an eternity. I yawned and got up to look out the window. This was when I remembered that the world had ended. Or at least it was ending. Some sort of mutant virus had been turning everyone into monstrosities and causing crazy hallucinations for me. I decided that regardless of these monsters and hallucinations that it was still best to go out and try and find some other survivors.


So before heading out of my apartment I checked the radio, because that is where a survivor would be broadcasting if they were still alive. Right? To my surprise, even though it was cutting in and out, I made out the words. "...Room... 206...H-...Survivors.." I disregarded the thought that this could just be another auditory hallucination I went out of my room to try and open room 206. Not to my surprise, it was locked.

Sighing, I looked around in the dark hallway. Where in the world could the key be? I continued searching around until I found a dusty mirror. I looked hard into the mirror. I suddenly believe I saw something, and before I knew it I was standing in a different area of the apartment complex I was in. Shocked and slightly nervous I looked around in the darkness, as well as felt around.

Weird enough, I found a pocket flashlight and immediately proceeded to turn it on. Right as the light shot out from the flashlight, I saw the monster. It was grunting, twitching, and seemingly patrolling a short hallway. While I jumped and prepared for the worst, I noticed that it seemed to not notice me. It was this that made me have the realization that the monster was blind. I thanked the creator and looked for a way to get out of the area, because of course the way out was on the other side of where the monster was patrolling.


After about 10 seconds I decided on hiding against the wall of the hall he was patrolling and shuffling my way to the other side of him while holding my breath every time he passed me. In just a short time I passed the monster and proceeded down the hall. Which to my surprise led me to the key to 206. How the key ended up here was unbeknownst to me.

I proceeded back up the stairs to the hallway where my room and room 206 was. I stopped outside room 206 and unlocked it. But for some reason I was struck with a strong case of exhaustion and decided that even though I had finally got the door unlocked, it was probably better if I went and slept first. I don't know why I was suddenly exhausted, but I still went to my room and laid down on the bed and closed my eyes, only to be greeted by dreams featuring the horror that was likely to come in the future.



I hope that was enjoyable. I certainly had fun writing them. These are examples of how games might be played out if I was the main character and didn't know why I was waking up as the person in these gaming worlds.

Have a good evening TAY! ^^;