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Should I Build a PC?

I recently watched Goff Thew’s (the anime youtuber, Mother’s Basement) video on the top ten anime games that are currently on sale on Steam and he highlighted a good amount of games I would like to play. Unfortunately, I remembered that I can barely play any games on Steam because I own a MacBook. So that got me to ask myself if should I finally throw down the money to build a high end PC. Before I make this decision, I’d like to get some advise on what I could actually with a high end gaming PC.

My main problem is that I can’t see myself using a gaming PC for anything different than my MacBook besides playing a couple of more video games that I probably don’t have the time for. I know that with a new PC I would have much more storage space, processing power, and the ability to use more apps, but I wouldn’t invest the money for a new PC for just those features.


I’d like to get some more insight on what I could do with a good PC because I am sorely tempted to get it, but I can’t convince myself to get a PC for the sake of getting a new PC.

Anyways, thanks for the help with this decision.

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