TAY'ers, got an awesome media/gaming setup? Share!

This post has been bumped in the evening on request to accommodate those returning from work please post your awesome rigs, people!

My best friend since seventh grade sets up/builds media centers and projectors for a living, and totally made this for me at the end of last year (I made the bookshelves, everything else is his work)

Comment as you will on the image quality: it's an episode of Detective Conan from the '90's and it's not remastered. Not a fault of the projector itself.


Those cords have now been made invisible, check some later photos. Also, portal gun (gift) and plush Wheatley (made by me).

Here's the screen playing something in actual HD with the blinds up.


My China cabinet. Right… "China".

Diney Inifinty figs and the complete Clamp chess set.


Star Lord's helmet.

+cat toys -annoying cables (also what the screen looks like when not in use)


Felix the Cat. Adopted; personally I would have named the little bugger Rocket. He's my best snuggle boy. And yes, his futon is on top of a DDR dance mat. He won't use his cat bed, just a futon cover and DDR pad. I'm getting a new futon in a month or so, and I have a feeling that once it's set up in the back corner of the living room (for lounging and/or guests) it'll be covered in orange hair within the week.

Dining room table/ Guardians wall art (also by me). Considering buying a low table and kotatsu, especially at the end of the season when things go on sale. I may not live in Japan anymore, but damn if I miss my kotatsu.