I'm really feeling it!

Run Club? Gauging interest.

Yeah? Anyone up for some running? I had surgery a bit ago and gained more pounds than I should have. So...who up for some exercising amongst yourselves?

For those who have never done anything like this before:

1. It’s not just RUNNING. It’s any exercise.

2. You get points based on time or effort or some way. Points get traded in for ever increasingly power ups of various varieties.


3. Generally 2 teams (although we’ve tried super intense 4 person team RPG mechanics that were a lot of fun but more effort than I’m willing to do right now)

4. Team with the most points at the end wins.

“Sign Me Up Chief”

  • ThePickyGamer
  • Raitzeno
  • Kidechka
  • Aikage
  • Ishamael
  • Quiddity
  • Sir Hippo
  • Nior
  • Nach
  • XenoEthan
  • Sulfy
  • Gilbert Stogdill
  • Cat Russell
  • Novibear
  • StygianKnight
  • ExistentialEgg
  • Raithulu
  • kluge

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