I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Everyone is going to write an E3 post. In fact, I had it all planned out to write another sarcastic look at the conferences like I did with the XBox One Reveal . But I watched over 11 hours of coverage yesterday, and one can only be sarcastic for so long before it's not funny anymore.


So after a few hours something else popped out at me. During the EA conference, I wrote in my notes: Simplify, Don't Complicate. Then I circled it. And realized the whole day boiled down to those three words for me.

I'm an "old-fashioned" gamer. I want to buy a console, get a game for it, and play that game. I'm not adverse to DLC, or having friend lists (now that I have my fellow TAYers on some), or even having to update things once in a while. But after watching all I did today, I'm finding making things more complex is the name of the game...or gaming companies, as it were.

Let's start with Microsoft. We, as gamers, had so many questions going into that conference. And although there were some great games shown (Killer Instinct!), the console specific questions were on everyone's mind. That giant elephant in the room, and Microsoft ignored it. Here we are with bated breath, and frankly, we died from loss of oxygen. It would have been a simple thing to take a minute or two to tell us the truth. To tell us what we wanted to know, good or bad. Instead they focused on other things. Yes, I love games. I liked how they looked. I'd also like to know how complicated it will be to play them.

Another problem with both XBox One and PS4 is the sharing and media connections. I don't want to be posting a video to Facebook, while live-streaming to Twitch, while a tweet pops up for earning a trophy. I'm not that gamer. I just want to play! Yet more complexity for a simple gamer.


Another thing I noticed yesterday were the made up words: Drivatar, bounceTEK, MMAi, Levolution. Why can't developers just say something real: a driving avatar, a more-realistic basketball bouncing, or intelligent MMA fighters? Frankly I don't even remember what Levolution means, which proves my point. I know this is nothing new. Every year we get more made up words, but in the long run do we remember them at all?

I know everyone is talking about how Sony won yesterday, and I agree. Not only because they had a show for seemingly every type of gamer, but because they did things simply. Gamers have questions about XBox One that Microsoft ignored? We'll answer them for our console. To be fair, Microsoft went first. Who knows how much of the Sony conference changed after the Microsoft one. But the fact is that they still kept things easy to understand.


Lastly, as part of the Kotaku "universe" (kinda), I can't get over how much I appreciated Steven and Tina yesterday. They both gave such honest answers, which was refreshing after all the corporate bullshit that makes up so much of E3. And Steven apologizing to EA= priceless. :)

So what are your views on E3 so far? There are some opinions already on TAYClassic , but feel free to share your own!

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