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Since the days of the Game Boy, I've been a fan of limted edition portables. While I haven't owned all of them, I've always had a thing for them. Part of it is the collect-ability of them, and the limited nature of their release, and part of it is that the LE models usually feel like someone took a little more time to make sure the look was perfect.

My first LE handheld was the Zelda DS Lite. I was on a houseboat trip with some friends, and I was playing Animal Crossing on my original white DS Lite, and my friend's wife busted out this beautiful, golden DS Lite with the TriForce on the cover. I was in love. I attempted to offer my DS Lite as an immediate trade, and when that didn't work, I committed myself to finding one for myself. I was about 6 months too late to get one new at retail, so I scoured the used-games joints and GameStop. After about a month of searching, GameStop ended up coming through for me, and I happily gave them my monies for a VERY gently used Zelda DS Lite.


Last year, I decided that I would become a 3DS owner, and of course, I missed the Zelda 3DS by about 6-8 months. Again, I scoured local joints, GameStops and even resorted to eBay. eBay was the way to go this time, and I scored a Zelda 3DS in box with all accessories and the included OoT for just over retail price.

With the right shoulder button on my 3DS starting to give out, I am really wanting a 3DS XL, and this time, I'm ready. The lessons of previous purchases have been learned, and I knew Nintendo wouldn't be able to resist putting out a Zelda edition for the new game. I was right, and as of last night, I placed the preorder at my local GS for the Zelda 3DS XL bundle. I'd rather buy it from Amazon or Best Buy, but at least I know I've got one waiting for me on November 22nd.

Normally, I'm not a "pre-order" guy unless there is a VERY nice bonus involved. But, Nintendo did it again, and I'll gladly give them my money for another beautiful LE handheld.


And before you ask, yes, I have seen the Zelda WiiU. As much as I want it because it looks great, I have decided that I do not need it enough to justify the $299 price. I'll use the 3DS XL much more. Pokemon don't catch themselves, you know!

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