I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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SixTAY Days of Writing 2020: Adventures in Junk Boutique

I’m taking another day off from Kaiju Crush while I split my time between finishing this chapter of Midnight Menagerie, constructing my models and cleaning out my basement. Today I spent a bunch of time organizing and fixing up some of my Barbies. Many of the ones I’m going through now are ones I’ve gotten secondhand and require a bit of work to spruce up. Just the one I worked on today took about an hour and a half to fix the hair properly because it was so tangled. As I work and go through everything, I remember some of the stuff I went through working with my mom’s business, so today I thought I’d share with you a pretty funny story.

My mom’s business dealt with collectibles, which is of course a wide ranging definition. People collect lots of different things, so my mom’s inventory was pretty...diverse. We had a lot of the usual stuff: dolls, collector plates and figures like Precious Moments, but we occasionally would have something weird for sale.


One day my mom asked me to help go through a box of unsorted inventory that she had forgotten what was inside when I reached in and felt something prick my finger. I pull out my hand to see I was actually bleeding and look through the box to discover what the hell had injured me. I search through for a bit and discover…

...A taxidermied alligator head.

I of course scream in alarm from coming face to face with a decapitated reptile head when my mom, in the most blasé tone possible, remarks, ‘Oh, I had forgotten I had bought that.’


Naturally I was furious that she neglected to inform me that we acquired such a thing, let alone that I had to discover that fact the hard way. The good news is, I got my revenge a few months later when she had gone through the box again herself, and rediscovered her purchase the same way I had. Our system for keeping track was a code system where a box’s number represented a page on the website and the item numbers assigned to them, but after the alligator incident, my mom took a big sharpie and marked very clearly on the box ‘ALLIGATOR HEAD’ to avoid anymore nasty surprises. But you can imagine my relief when we finally sold the damn thing.

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