I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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SixTAY Days of Writing 2020: The Final Push Day Five

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Another thousand words down. Didn’t have as much time as I did before to get as much done as I liked, and I kept getting slowed down by not liking my turns of phrase. Another one of those scenarios where I know what I wanted to say, but not exactly how I wanted to say it. I’m taking a day off from writing today to catch up on my webcomic, because I’ve been working on Kaiju Crush and Midnight Menagerie at the same time. I was starting to fall back a little on my pages, so the break from writing will let my brain reset a little bit while I make sure I don’t fall behind on my other project’s schedule. Plus the weather is gloomy, so that makes it harder to write as well. I might start some coding today as well. I know I said the other day it wouldn’t be necessary to swap between coding and writing, and strictly speaking that’s still true, but it looks like I’ve fallen out of my stride a little sooner than expected (again, I blame the weather) and it’s good to have a fallback that still moves the project forward.


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